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Parents running alongside their kid who is learning to ride a bike, living free from valvular disease

Heart Valve Essentials

Get to the heart of your condition. Everything you need to know about valvular disease in one course.

You or a loved one has been diagnosed with valvular disease. Now what?

You’ve been looking for answers to your medical questions online, but the amount of information available is overwhelming. What you’re reading might not be relevant to you, and it may not be reliable. 


You want answers and solutions about valvular disease to resume a normal life. If only there were an expert-led, video-based course that gave you everything you need to know about valvular disease. And not just the basics, but also how to manage it effectively.


Introducing Heart Valve Essentials, the only video course you'll need to get a complete understanding of your condition, how to manage it, and what treatments are available to you.

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Why this course?
What you'll learn

Learn through simple, short videos with visuals that bring concepts to life.

Understand the basics of valvular disease

Learn how valvular disease is diagnosed

Identify potential triggers of valvular disease

Learn about medications for valvular disease

Discover smart technology for valvular disease

Who is this course for?

Loved ones
This course is essential for you or a loved one diagnosed with valvular disease. Get the comprehensive information you need to take control of your health and improve your quality of life. Enroll in Heart Valve Essentials today!
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What you'll get

18 physician-led videos to answer your questions and better manage your valvular disease

A comprehensive review of treatment options, covering the latest innovations

Full access to the course for one year

Review of smart technology and digital tools to help you better manage your valvular disease

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But don't take our word for it

Just ask all these valvular disease patients who regained control of their lives

Image by christian buehner

"The videos are easy to understand and informative!  I got step-by-step instructions on how to change my diet to optimize my AFIB health."

Cameron Williamson

Austin, TX

Image by Tatiana Zanon

"I loved how the entire course is customized to managing AFib through nutrition and not just full of general nutrition information."

Jenny Wilson

Atlanta, GA

Image by Ga

"I love how simple this is. There are loads of videos out there that don't get to the point or are overly complicated."

Allison T.

Los Angeles, CA

Meet your instructor

John Chin, MD

Dr. Chin is a board certified, practicing cardiologist with particular interests in general cardiology, heart failure and interventional cardiology. He enjoys educating his patients on heart healthy behaviors and treatment options that can improve quality of life and extend their life span. He has significant experience with a broad range of cardiac-related technologies.

Meet your instructor

Enroll in the Heart Valve Essentials today and get started on your journey to better heart health.

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