A Better Way To Learn About Your Health

Videos. Visuals. Experts. 

Learning about your health should be easy.

At some point in life, you or a loved one will experience a health condition that throws you into a new world. You will be faced with countless decisions, endless appointments, and the day-to-day struggles of coping with and managing a health condition. 

Along the journey, learning about a health condition can become time-consuming, frustrating and difficult to navigate.

We understand that struggle. And that is why we created Match Health Academy.


The Founders: Kavita and Omari Bouknight

We are a wife and husband team that has a deep desire to create resources for the masses that make learning about health conditions and treatment options easier.

As a family, including our twin boys, we have faced a laundry list of health challenges of our own. 

Professionally, we have been introducing health innovations to the masses for a combined 30 years.

We understand how living with a health condition is difficult, but why should learning about it have to be?

Our goal is simple. We want to empower you to take control of your condition and maximize your health.

Here is how we took what was available today and made it better...

The Problem: 

Most health resources available today are full of text. 

Our Solution: 

Studies show we learn best from videos.  Information is processed faster, we remember visuals for longer periods of time, and we are more engaged.

The Problem: 

Health concepts are abstract and hard to understand.

Our Solution: 

3D animations are used to tell visual stories about health processes making it easier to digest. 

The Problem: 

We spend an average of only 15 minutes with our doctor each year, leaving us with many unanswered questions. 

Our Solution: 

Online video courses give you the time and space to get your questions answered, from medical experts, all at your own pace.

The Problem: 

Health concepts are hard to relate to. 

Our Solution: 

Visual analogies bridge the gap to help us understand what is happening in our  body, making it more relatable.

The Problem: 

It is impossible to keep up with all the advancements in healthcare. You might be missing out.

Our Solution: 

We at Match Health have extensive experience in the medical innovation space and are passionate about connecting people with new technologies to improve their lives. We do the work for you.

The Problem: 

It can be difficult to discover and assess new digital tools and holistic options to better manage your condition.

Our Solution: 

We curate useful and condition-specific apps, wearables, services and natural treatment options to optimize your health.

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]


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