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Sleep Products

White Noise machine.png

HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine

Drone out all of the noise including a CPAP machine to get a good night sleep.

mzoo sleep eye mask for men and women.png

MZOO Sleep Eye Mask for Men and Women

A contoured cup sleeping mask that helps block out light and is also comfortable to wear.

Calm app.png

Calm App

Enjoy access to sleep stories, soundscapes, music, and other guided content to help you sleep.

cpap mask wipes.png

CPAP Mask Wipes

Keep your CPAP machine and supplies clean with wipes without lint and free of harmful chemicals.

hypnoser weighted blanket.png

Hypnoser Adult Weighted Blanket

Invest in a heavy blanket to improve sleep, increase melatonin production, reduce anxiety and more.

cpap gel nose pads.png

CPAP Gel Nose Pads

A CPAP Nose Guard to protect against irritation and soreness.


We are happy that you reviewed our favorite products. Our goal is to curate products that could help you or your loved ones better manage their health condition. Please note, that we may make a small commission on any purchases you make.

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