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Healthy food for people with atrial fibrillation that is spread across a table

AFib Nutrition

The right foods, the right rhythm. Everything you need to know about AFib nutrition in one course.

You or a loved one has been diagnosed with AFib. Now what?

You're struggling to find natural ways to manage your condition. You want to practice healthy eating, but learning how to be "AFib healthy" feels like a challenge.


AFib Nutrition from Match Health Academy is the only video course that teaches you how to eat for a healthy rhythm. Enroll in AFib Nutrition to gain more control.

Cartoon depicting people standing on and around healthy foods for AFib Nutrition course
Why this course?
What you'll learn

Learn what nutrients can help manage AFib

Establish nutrient targets to optimize AFib health

Discover the optimal AFib diet

Stock your kitchen with AFib friendly alternatives

Download printable tools, recipes, grocery lists, & more

Learn through engaging videos and 3D animations that bring concepts to life.

Who is this course for?

Loved ones
This course is essential for you or a loved one looking to reduce their AFib episodes through natural remedies. Get comprehensive information to take control of your health and improve your quality of life. Enroll in AFib nutrition and eat the right foods for the right rhythm.
Cartoon depicting people standing on and around healthy foods for AFib Nutrition course

What you'll get

AFib Nutrition Tip Sheets

AFib Healthy Recipes

Full access to the course for one year

Pantry - Fridge - Freezer Guide

Unlocked lock
Nutrition sheet with apple and writing on it
Booklet with fork, spoon, and writing on it
Booklet with fridge and writing on it

But don't take our word for it

Hear from a few customers who regained control of their lives.

"The Match Health courses pull everything I needed in one place, doing the work for you. These courses actually helped me better understand my condition and ways to improve my symptoms."

Katie W.

Boston, MA

"This is the first time I have seen a complete set of courses dedicated to AFib! I finally feel so much more in control of my health."

Betsy P.

Burlingame, CA

I love how simple this is. There are loads of videos out there that don't get to the point or are overly complicated.

Alison T.

Los Angeles, CA

Meet your instructor

Amanda Stegmann, MS, LDN

As a nutritionist and dietitian, Amanda Stegmann, MS, LDN has counseled hundreds of patients with chronic illnesses and is the author of a nutrition cookbook. Amanda currently works in private practice as a dietitian and consultant, which allows her to provide medical nutrition therapy to her community and consult on national meal plans as well as contribute to health programs and provide professional training. Amanda loves being engaged with her local community in order to be able to inspire positive change and teach sustainable habits that allow people to lead healthier lives. She is presently implementing a community-based nutrition program for Boston University's Goldman Pediatric Dental Clinic as part of an interdisciplinary team, collaborating to create a wellness program for children and families

Amanda Stegmann smiling at the camera
Meet your instructor

Enroll in the AFib Nutrition course today and get started on your journey to better heart health.

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