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Atrial Fibrillation Products

KardiaMobile Wallet-Sized EKG Device 1.png


Wallet-Sized EKG Device

A personal, single lead EKG monitor the size of a credit card that fits easily into your wallet.

Hidrate water bottle.png

Hidrate Spark Pro Smart Water Bottle

Use this bottle to get visual reminders throughout the day and stay hydrated, reducing AFib episodes.

KardiaMobile Six Lead Personal EKG Device.png

KardiaMobile 6 Lead Personal EKG Device

Medical grade monitor to record EKGs at home and detect irregular heartbeats.

NUUN Drink Tablets.png

Nuun Sport: Electrolyte Drink Tablets

Sometimes drinking water is not enough. Get a boost of electrolytes with our favorite, NUUN drink tablets.

Complete Wireless Blood Pressure monitor + EKG.png

Complete Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG

An all-in-one device that monitors blood pressure and EKG.

Apple Watch.png

Apple Watch

Start using your watch and the ECG app to monitor your AFib and take control of your heart health.


We are happy that you reviewed our favorite products. Our goal is to curate products that could help you or your loved ones better manage their health condition. Please note, that we may make a small commission on any purchases you make.

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