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Child holding inhaler to his mouth, struggling to breath because of his asthma

Asthma Essentials

Breathe easy.  Everything you need to know about asthma in one online course.

You or a loved one has been diagnosed with asthma. Now what?

Asthma exacerbations and anxiety limit your everyday life. You’ve been looking for answers to your medical questions online, but the amount of information available is overwhelming. 

You're concerned that your asthma is out of control, and you're not sure which resources are reliable, or even best-suited for you or your child.

Asthma Essentials from Match Health Academy is the only video course you'll need to get a complete understanding of asthma, how to manage it, and treatments available to you or your loved one. Enroll in Asthma Essentials to breathe easy.

Cartoon depicting lungs and inhaler for asthma essentials course
Why this course?
What you'll learn

Understand the basics of asthma

Learn how asthma is diagnosed

Learn about the different types of asthma and triggers

Learn about the medications used to treat asthma

Discover smart technology for asthma management

Learn through engaging videos and 3D animations that bring concepts to life.

Who is this course for?

Loved ones
This course is essential for you or a loved one diagnosed with asthma. Get comprehensive information to improve your quality of life and breathe easy. Enroll in Asthma Essentials today!
Cartoon depicting lungs and inhaler for asthma essentials course

What you'll get

33 physician-led videos to answer your questions and better manage your asthma

A comprehensive review of treatment options, covering the latest innovations

Full access to the course for one year

Review of smart technology and digital tools to help you better manage your asthma

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Computer screen with medical symbol in the middle
Person with little dots revolving around them
Magnifying glass with gear in the middle

But don't take our word for it

Hear from a few customers who regained control of their lives.

"This asthma course goes way beyond what normal health websites offer. Things finally clicked for me when I saw the animations and the videos. I wish I had taken this course sooner."

Marielena S.

San Francisco, CA

"I love how easy it is to understand these videos! They are simple and straightforward, yet provide all the information I need to know to understand how to best care for my son."

Emily G.

Boston, MA

"I learned more about my asthma in one hour through the asthma essentials course than I have learned with hours of research online. "

Monica B.

Los Angeles, CA

Meet your instructor

Kellen Glinder, MD

Dr. Glinder is a board certified pediatrician with special interests in asthma care and sports medicine. He believes in the power of personalized health care and truly engaging his patients in an ongoing dialogue regarding their health. Dr. Glinder enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, spending time running, swimming, biking and hiking. He also loves to have fun with his two children.

Picture of Kellen Glinder smiling at the camera
Meet your instructor

Enroll in the Asthma Essentials course today and get started on your journey to better breathing.

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