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Why Health Courses?

If you or a loved one are dealing with a health condition....
Learning about health is complex and overwhelming.
It is difficult to find information on how best to manage it.
It is impossible to know all of your treatment options.

We understand your frustration.

Finally, easy to understand health courses with everything you need in one place.

Introducing Match Health Academy Health Essential Video Courses

How Our Courses Are Different

Step-by-step video instruction about your condition.


Animations help to simplify and explain complex concepts.


Hear directly from experts about your condition.


All-In-One Health Courses


Cutting-Edge Treatments

Apps and Wearables

Natural & Alternative Therapies


Money Saving Tips

Health is complicated. But it does not have to be. Match Health makes learning easy.

"I love how simple this is. There are loads of videos out there that don't get to the point or try to explain things in an overly complicated way, adding other facts that I don't need to know about at the moment."

Allison T.
Los Angeles, CA

Ready to become empowered about your health? 

Learning made easy.

  • Collection of bite sized physician-led videos and animations tailored to a condition

  • Comprehensive review of condition-specific treatment options, covering the latest in innovations

  • Full access to courses for one year to go at your own pace

  • Access to condition-specific communities to connect with others

  • Alerts to latest developments and innovations, so you don't miss out on new therapies

  • Review of smart technology and digital tools to better manage your condition




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