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AFib Yoga Course

Move Into A New Rhythm


Fewer AFib Episodes | Natural Approach



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Why This Course

If you or a loved one has experience with atrial fibrillation you know...
It is difficult to find information on natural ways to manage it.
You want to do more than just taking medications.
It is frustrating not having control.

We understand your frustration. We have a solution.

Finally, a yoga course designed for AFib based on science.


What You Will Learn: 

  • Specific breathing exercises tailored for AFib

  • Yoga poses clinically shown to improve AFib symptoms

  • Understand the science linking yoga to improvements in AFib

  • Access printable Yoga Pose Reference Guide 


Step-by-Step Instructions

Breathing techniques and yoga poses clinically shown to improve AFib.

Benefits of Yoga

Reduce episodes of irregular heartbeats, lower heart rate, blood pressure and significantly improve anxiety, depression and quality of life.

At-home convenience.

Access expert instruction on specific yoga poses tailored for AFib, without having to leave leave your home. 

Bonus Resources Included

BONUS: Express Yoga Video

Take advantage of an express yoga routine that incorporates all of the important elements of an AFib customized breathing and yoga routine in less than half the time.

BONUS: Yoga Pose Guide

Access a downloadable yoga pose reference guide to post in your home or office. 

What People Are Saying

"I have always loved yoga and appreciate its benefits. I was so excited to learn that there is a course specifically created for AFib! What a great find. "

Betsy P.
Burlingame, CA

"As a beginner to yoga I found the step-by-step instruction of each pose to be very useful. I finally feel like I have a way to control my AFib symptoms. "

Jessica N.
Boston, MA

Limited time offer!

Discover how yoga can improve your AFib 

One year access to an AFib yoga course, based on science for only

$19.95 (Valued at $39.99)

For the same cost of a general, in-person yoga class, now you can get unlimited access to a yoga class specifically designed for AFib. 

Saving you time, energy and money

Access anytime, anywhere

Go at your own pace


The Ultimate Guide to Yoga for AFib is the perfect complement to traditional medicine.

Meet The Instructor

Allie Brawley, RYT 500

Despite numerous transitions over 20 years, Allie Brawley’s yoga practice remains the constant that teaches her to embrace opportunity rather than fear uncertainty in every transition…and to find peace amidst the chaos of life.  Always looking on the bright side, Allie infuses her classes with her sense of gratitude, optimism and enduring strength as she strives to help students develop a strong body, peaceful mind, and healthy spirit. Any yoga experience with Allie will leave you refreshed, resilient and empowered by your own amazing mind-body connection.


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