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AFib Nutrition Course

Discover how food choices can help control AFib

Nutrition Plan | Supplement Guide | Recipes


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Why This Course

If you or a loved one has experience with atrial fibrillation you know...
It is difficult to find information on natural ways to manage it.
It is challenging to know how to adjust your diet to be "AFib healthy".
It is frustrating not having control.

We understand your frustration. We have a solution.

Finally, a nutrition course tailored for AFib. 


What You Will Learn: 

  • Learn what nutrients can  help manage AFib

  • Establish specific nutrient targets to optimize AFib health

  • Discover the optimal  "heart healthy" diet

  • Stock your food pantry and fridge with AFib-friendly alternatives

  • Learn which foods to avoid

  • Learn how to prepare  "AFib healthy" and tasty recipes

  • Download printable tools, recipes, grocery lists and more...


Customized Diet For AFib

Obtain specific guidance about nutrients and foods that taste great while helping you stay in rhythm.

Natural Medicine

While traditional treatments are important and often necessary, making heart healthy food choices can also make a difference. 

At-home convenience.

Hear directly from an expert about AFib nutrition, without the need for in-person visits.

Bonus Resources Included

AFib Nutrition Tip Sheets

AFib Healthy Recipes

Pantry - Fridge - Freezer Guide

What People Are Saying

"I loved how the entire course is customized to managing AFib through nutrition and not just full of general nutrition information. "

Monica B
Los Angeles, CA

"The videos are easy to understand and informative! The best part to me is that I get step-by-step instruction of how to practically change my diet to optimize my AFib health. "

Katie W.
Boston, MA

Limited time offer!

Discover how food can be used to help control your AFib

One year access to expert-created AFib nutrition course for only

$29.95 (Valued at 59.99)

Saving you time, energy and money

Access anytime, anywhere

Go at your own pace

 Avoid nutritionist and dietitian fees

Save money and optimize your health


The Ultimate Guide to AFib Nutrition course is the perfect complement to traditional treatments.


Ultimate Guide to AFib Nutrition Course Modules

Actionable, step-by-step instruction, that allows you to easily understand and implement changes in your daily diet.

Understand guidelines set by the American Heart Association for a heart healthy diet

Discover specific nutrients best to consume when managing AFib

Explore how each nutrient plays a role in your body as it relates to AFib

Review daily target amounts to consume, and distinct foods to help you achieve those goals

Understand foods and nutrients to avoid or minimize to achieve maximum results

BONUS: Downloadable "cheat sheets" you can put up in your kitchen or pantry. Each cheat sheet includes a list of AFib-friendly foods and suggested amounts to consume to achieve daily nutrient targets

Gain practical guidance on making healthy food choices to better manage your AFib

Discover specific foods and review alternatives to upgrade to, in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle

BONUS: Access to Healthy Pantry and Fridge & Freezer Essentials List -  comprehensive list of dry goods/grains, condiments/canned goods, herbs/spices and fridge/freezer foods essential to an AFib healthy diet

Watch a demonstration of three wholesome and delicious recipes to start you on a path to incorporating AFib healthy foods into your lifestyle

Learn how to make a homemade granola, turkey chili and a heavenly chocolate mousse

BONUS: Downloadable recipes included

Meet The Instructor

Amanda Stegmann, MS, LDN

As a nutritionist and dietitian, Amanda Stegmann, MS, LDN has counseled hundreds of patients with chronic illnesses and is the author of a nutrition cookbook. Amanda currently works in private practice as a dietitian and consultant, which allows her to provide medical nutrition therapy to her community and consult on national meal plans as well as contribute to health programs and provide professional training. Amanda loves being engaged with her local community in order to be able to inspire positive change and teach sustainable habits that allow people to lead healthier lives. She is presently implementing a community-based nutrition program for Boston University's Goldman Pediatric Dental Clinic as part of an interdisciplinary team, collaborating to create a wellness program for children and families.


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