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Complete AFib Guide

Natural Path to AFib Freedom

Exercise  | Nutrition | Treatments


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Why This Course

If you or a loved one has experience with atrial fibrillation you know...
It is difficult to find information on natural ways to manage it.
You want to do more than just taking medications.
It is frustrating not having control.

We understand your frustration. We have a complete solution.

Finally, a bundle of courses focused on improving AFib symptoms naturally.


What You Will Learn: 

  • Specific breathing exercises tailored to AFib

  • Yoga poses clinically shown to improve AFib symptoms

  • Learn which nutrients can help manage AFib

  • Learn how to prepare "AFib healthy" and tasty foods

  • Learn about all treatment options available for AFib

  • Learn new and innovative ways to treat AFib


AFib Essentials Course

Boost your knowledge of AFib quickly through step-by-step videos. Learn about new treatment options and more.

AFib Nutrition Course

Discover the best food choices to control AFib. Gain actionable tools to implement into your daily routine. 

AFib Yoga Course

Access expert instruction on breathing and yoga poses tailored for AFib, without having to leave your home. 

Bonus Resources Included

Express Yoga Video

Yoga Pose Guide

AFib Healthy Recipes

Pantry - Fridge - Freezer Guide

What People Are Saying

"This is the first time I have seen a complete set of courses dedicated to AFib! I finally feel so much more in control of my health. "

Betsy P.
Burlingame, CA

"The Match Health courses pull everything I needed in one place, doing the work for you. These courses actually helped me better understand my condition and ways to improve my symptoms. "

Katie W.
Boston, MA

Discover how yoga can improve your AFib 

Learn how food choices can help control your AFib

Uncover new treatment options to better manage your AFib 


Limited time offer! 


Access 3 AFib courses, giving you a comprehensive and holistic approach to better manage your AFib. 


All-in-one package that includes information tailored to AFib nutrition, exercise, treatment options and more

For only $59.99 (Valued at $199.99)


Saving you time, energy and money
Access anytime, anywhere
Go at your own pace


The Complete AFib Course Bundle the perfect complement to traditional medicine.


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